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About Us

Founded out of the pioneering vision in food industry: Mini Delights was established in 2006 AD in State of Kuwait. It is an expression of love by founder Mr. Abdulla AlKhanji with fondness for Cheesecake and Cookies. Currently the company is run by a distinctive leading team who was able to develop successfully a course of work and learning process and identifying the highest standards on which are used to manufacturing and producing its own varieties. The company grew to the sole producer and distributor to its unique products. The success of Mini Delights was supported by the high experiences and the existence of the bakers and chiefs with specialized expertise since its foundation. Today there is an increase in the concern about the health benefits of foods more than in past times where the number of the deserts consumers are increasing. In fact, the researches carried out lately showed that the mini meals have a global acceptance in a wider scope. They have their lovers more than any other product. We believe that delicious healthy products which have a greatest acceptance by the public can be an indicator to a commercial and investment business.

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  • “Cooking is an art, but all art requires knowing something about the techniques and materials”

    — Nathan Myhrvold

  • “Give a man food, and he can eat for a day. Give a man a job, and he can only eat for 30 minutes on break.”

    — Lev L. Spiro

  • “Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.”

    — Julia Child

  • “Never work before breakfast; if you have to work before breakfast, eat your breakfast first.”

    — Josh Billings


Happiness is knowing that there is a cake in the oven "A party without cake is just a meeting"


All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt.


A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand.
Once you have a chocolate-chip cookie with whole-wheat flour, you never go back.


If baking is any labor at all, it's a labor of love. A love that gets passed from generation to generation

Our Menu

Made with wholesome, nutritious ingredients and baked and prepared fresh daily, you'll be sure to love these as much as we do! Some of our most delicious flavors are Cheesecakes, Cookies, Nutella Fruits..


  • Strawberry-Dips

    Choco Dips

    Fresh Juicy strawberries dipped in Belgian Chocolate

    KD 9.000
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    Nutella Fruits

    Combines the flavors of Nutella with freshest berries

    KD 6.000
  • Cheesecakes


    Bite sized cheesecakes topped with Fruit fillings

    KD 3.000


  • LotusBalls

    Lotus balls

    Powdered Lotus Biscuit in Balls form covered with Belgian Chocolate

    KD 3.000
  • ChocoBasbousa

    Chocolate Basbousa

    Traditional Semolina Cake covered with Belgian Chocolate

    KD 6.000
  • Chocolate

    Chocolate Asstd

    Shaped chocolates filled with various fillings

    KD 8.000
  • minieclairs

    Mini Eclairs

    Bite sized eclairs filled with chocolate syrup

    KD 6.000

Arabic Delights

  • Fatayer

    Mini Fatayer

    Mini Fatatyer - combination of Zatar, Labneh, Halloum, Pizza, Spinach

    KD 4.500
  • Basbousa


    Semolina cake flavored with Lotus, Nutella, Pistachio assorted

    KD 5.500
  • coconutballs

    Coconut Balls

    Coconut balls with mix of different flavors namely Milk, Strawberry, Chocolate,Rose and Mango

    KD 6.000
  • warak3anb


    Stuffed wine leaves been a speciality of arabic cuisine

    KD 3.000


  • Gathering

    Gathering Combo

    Includes Fatayer, Basbousa and Cheesecake & Mini Eclairs Combo

    KD 11.000