Mini Delights Objectives



We seek to be the biggest and most important distributor in the Middle East and North Africa regions whereas we will work hard to imparting our products to enjoyment of taste and enriched taste at the time of serving them to our customers.


To be the main supplier and producer by our different varieties of products utilizing from our business relationship and the effective provisions to the services and the continuous success of the customers of Mini Delight


Based on the basic values that centered on caring, challenge, quality, innovation, honesty, team work. We aspire to provide a joyful experience to the customers, employees and their families. Whereas these values represent the essence of our company as well it is a guide line to our behavior, our decisions industry. We will work hard to realize our basic values in all of our business.


  • We will work on promoting the values of sympathy and understanding amongst our employees and customers and local communities. We will work hard to provide all their requirements of success factors.


  • As spire to growth and prosperity
  • We seek to perform carry out many things and to learn from our mistakes.


  • We appreciate the ambitions and initiation spirit that separate us from competition and competitors.
  • We employ experts and innovators who cooperate with us to execute the assigned tasks to them.


  • The quality is an integral part of our business, it is a natural objective which we seek to realize in all of our business
  • We have a course for operations and documents and auditing system to guarantee the application of ISO 9001 and committing to its International standards.


  • Confidence is the base of our foundation
  • We are opened, honest with our colleagues at work

Team work

  • We prepare a team work environment by respecting the privacy of every individual in the company.
  • We are eager to cooperate and exchange information to help in the realization of best success to Mini Delights.